Psylocybe Semilanceata

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Magic mushrooms have greatly impacted many cultures. There impact can be traced mainly in the areas of religion, healing and social interaction aspect of the cultures. Since the development of the civilization, magic mushrooms have been known to be used in their cultures.

Even among the prehistoric North African territories, there was a rock painting that depicts a use of possibly a magic mushroom. The Central and South American cultures are one of the most heavily influenced in the use of magic mushrooms. They have even built mushroom gods and mushroom stones. The mushroom stones probably depict a magic mushroom that indicates it might have been used in some religious rituals or ceremonies.

The Mixtec culture of central Mexico has worship Piltzintecuhtli, or 7 flower. He is the god for hallucinatory plants especially magic mushrooms. There is a picture depicting the use of magic mushrooms by the Mixtec gods, showing the gods holding a magic mushroom.

recorded@ 23.01.2010


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